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Hand Hygiene and Associated Products and Services

  • NHS Supply Chain

F01: Prior information notice (prior information only)

Notice reference: 2021/S 000-009766

Published 5 May 2021, 10:55pm

Section one: Contracting authority

one.1) Name and addresses

NHS Supply Chain

Skipton House, 80 London Road




Lisa-Marie Stead




United Kingdom

NUTS code

UKI4 - Inner London – East

Internet address(es)

Main address


Buyer's address


one.2) Information about joint procurement

The contract is awarded by a central purchasing body

one.3) Communication

Additional information can be obtained from another address:

DHL Supply Chain Limited

Foxbridge Way, Normanton




Lisa-Marie Stead




United Kingdom

NUTS code

UKE4 - West Yorkshire

Internet address(es)

Main address


Buyer's address


Electronic communication requires the use of tools and devices that are not generally available. Unrestricted and full direct access to these tools and devices is possible, free of charge, at


one.4) Type of the contracting authority

National or federal Agency/Office

one.5) Main activity


Section two: Object

two.1) Scope of the procurement

two.1.1) Title

Hand Hygiene and Associated Products and Services

two.1.2) Main CPV code

  • 33000000 - Medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products

two.1.3) Type of contract


two.1.4) Short description

NHS Supply Chain seeks to establish a non-exclusive Framework Agreement for the supply to NHS Supply Chain depots via the Stock/Blue Diamond routes and to the NHS Supply Chain customer base via the E-Direct route for the Supply of Hand Hygiene products for patient and staff use in healthcare settings. The Procurement includes, but is not limited to: handwash; alcohol and non-alcohol based hand disinfectants; repair and protective hand creams and emollients, and antiseptic wipes. Precise details on the number and range of providers (customer / end-users), and associated supply quantities are not known at this time.

two.1.5) Estimated total value

Value excluding VAT: £74,000,000

two.1.6) Information about lots

This contract is divided into lots: No

two.2) Description

two.2.2) Additional CPV code(s)

  • 33140000 - Medical consumables
  • 33141118 - Wipes
  • 33631000 - Medicinal products for dermatology
  • 33631200 - Emollients and protectives
  • 33631600 - Antiseptics and disinfectants
  • 33700000 - Personal care products
  • 33711430 - Disposable personal wipes
  • 33711500 - Skin-care products
  • 33711900 - Soap
  • 33741000 - Hand care products
  • 33741100 - Hand cleaner
  • 33741200 - Hand or body lotions
  • 33741300 - Hand sanitizer

two.2.3) Place of performance

NUTS codes
  • UK - United Kingdom
Main site or place of performance

Various Locations in the UK.

two.2.4) Description of the procurement

NHS Supply Chain is currently considering using the following lots for this procurement. However, it reserves the right to change any aspect of the lotting structure or not use lots as part of any future tender process.

Further information in respect of the lotting strategy will be updated via this PIN subject to stakeholder engagement.

Lot title:

1) Hand Hygiene Products, Services and Support

2) Alcohol Free / Low Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

3) Hand Wash and Alcohol Hand Sanitiser for Pandemic Preparedness

4) Emollients and Hand Care Products

5) Antiseptic Hand Wipes

6) Other TBC.

As evidence of compliance to the specification, applicants may be required to submit products for verification for each tendered product.

The following certification will be a requirement of the upcoming tender exercise and applicants may be required to include evidence of this with their tender submission.

ISO 9001:2015 or equivalent externally accredited and up-to-date quality standard certificate(s) to cover all segments of the Applicant's (and the product's) supply chain. This should include but not be limited to manufacturing storage and distribution. Applicants should note that if an applicant intends to commits to obtain ISO9001 at tender submission then further evidence will be asked for with their bid to provide evidence of their current position in obtaining IS09001. The requirement is that ISO9001 is in place at prior to the commencement of the framework agreement (in order for NHS Supply Chain to trade with the successful applicant).

Evidence of compliance to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC may be requested as part of your tender response. You will be required to submit the following 2 forms of evidence: a valid, in date CE certificate issued by a notified body covering the scope of products that are to be tendered for and an EC declaration of conformity covering all tendered product lines (please note multiple certificates and declarations are acceptable). There will be no option to commit to obtain the certificates and declarations of conformity.

Evidence of compliance to Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012 (EU BPR) may also be requested. This would be in the form of a letter of access from an Article 95 supplier and evidence of purchase from that supplier. For hand sanitiser, compliance to BS EN 1500:2013, as a minimum, in the form of test data may be requested.

two.2.14) Additional information

NHS Supply Chain reserves the right to re-open competition with the successfully awarded applicants under this framework agreement.

Please note, product testing may be used at any point during the tender process and throughout the life of the framework agreement.

two.3) Estimated date of publication of contract notice

2 December 2021

Section four. Procedure

four.1) Description

four.1.8) Information about the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)

The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: Yes

Section six. Complementary information

six.3) Additional information

The purpose of this notice is to draw attention to a procurement that NHS Supply Chain intends to commence during the subsequent 12 months. The invitation to tender will be the subject of a separate notice and it is that notice to which potential suppliers will need to respond at the appropriate time.

NHS Supply Chain intends to enter into arrangements under which it will be entitled to purchase supplies and/or services which it will make available for purchase by

1) any NHS Trust;

2) any other NHS entity;

3) any government department, agency or other statutory body and/or

4) any private sector entity active in the UK healthcare sector.

Only NHS Supply Chain can order under the Contract.

As part of its pre-tender strategy, NHS Supply Chain would also like to engage with suppliers of these products via a Request for Information (RFI).

If you would like to complete the request for information (RFI) document in respect of the products which are the subject of this procurement, then please follow the below instructions.

Follow the link to the eProcurement Portal: https://nhssupplychain.app.jaggaer.com/

Please select the ‘SQs Open To All Suppliers’ link and select Hand Hygiene and Associated Products and Services

Select Express interest

Select the ‘My Responses’ tab and please complete and attach the RFI within Section 1.1.2

Select ‘Submit Response’